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3 Idiots电影
3 Idiots (2009)
The film adopts a narrative technique of flashback to tell the college story of three main characters, Faham, Raga, and Ranch. Ranch is an unconventional college student who openly challenges the dean, questioning his teaching methods and using wisdom to break the traditional educational beliefs of the college. Ranch's independent and unconventional behavior arouses dissatisfaction from the model student, nicknamed "Silencer". They agree to settle their differences a decade later, but when Ranch graduates, he chooses to leave without saying goodbye.
稻草人/2024-01-18/1,182 views
La La Land电影
La La Land (2016)
Twenty years later, one evening as you drive home, the melody from the movie starts playing on the car speakers. The moment you hear the first note, a rush of emotions floods over you, just like that night twenty years ago when you heard them for the first time.
稻草人/2020-12-13/942 views
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