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신세계 (2013)
The Chairman of the Kinmen Group, a violent organization, met with a fatal car accident, causing a significant impact in both legal and underworld circles. In order to curb the further infiltration of the Kinmen Group into legitimate domains and to prevent its continued expansion, the police promptly proposed the "New World Plan," aimed at intervening in the election of the successor to the Kinmen Group's leadership.
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The Dark Knight电影
The Dark Knight (2008)
Batman, Two-Face, and the Joker brilliantly reflect the contradictions and choices between good and evil, creating one of the greatest comic book and superhero movies in history. Christopher Nolan renders discussions about art films and commercial films meaningless. "The Dark Knight" not only captures the essence of a classical tragedy but also delves into contemporary American issues such as terrorism and overreaching power. Most importantly, the film is flawlessly captivating.
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Sin City电影
Sin City (2005)
The film is adapted from the classic graphic novel of the same name by renowned comic book artist Frank Miller. Comprising three stories, it unfolds in the dystopian and crime-ridden city where the line between police and criminals has blurred. In this virtual city of sin, violence destroys everything while also protecting everything.
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Frequency (2000)
John's firefighter father, Frank, tragically died in a fire rescue when John was only 6 years old. Since then, John has repeatedly dreamt of trying to prevent that tragedy. His father's death left deep scars on his psyche, and even as he grew up to become a police officer, he found it hard to forget. On the stormy night before his father's death anniversary, John discovers an old-fashioned radio walkie-talkie his father used in his father's room. As he starts playing with it, to his astonishment, he hears a man's voice claiming to be firefighter Frank.
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