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Life of Pi电影
Life of Pi (2012)
Pi, a young boy, encountered a shipwreck in which his entire family perished. He drifted for 227 days on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. Throughout their ordeal, Pi forged a peculiar bond with the tiger, and together they ultimately overcame their adversity and found a new lease on life.
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신세계 (2013)
The Chairman of the Kinmen Group, a violent organization, met with a fatal car accident, causing a significant impact in both legal and underworld circles. In order to curb the further infiltration of the Kinmen Group into legitimate domains and to prevent its continued expansion, the police promptly proposed the "New World Plan," aimed at intervening in the election of the successor to the Kinmen Group's leadership.
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3 Idiots电影
3 Idiots (2009)
The film adopts a narrative technique of flashback to tell the college story of three main characters, Faham, Raga, and Ranch. Ranch is an unconventional college student who openly challenges the dean, questioning his teaching methods and using wisdom to break the traditional educational beliefs of the college. Ranch's independent and unconventional behavior arouses dissatisfaction from the model student, nicknamed "Silencer". They agree to settle their differences a decade later, but when Ranch graduates, he chooses to leave without saying goodbye.
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Ghajini (2008)
The story narrates the love story between the female protagonist, Kalpeshati, and the male protagonist, Sandeep Sinhaania. Kalpeshati is beautiful, cheerful, lively, full of vitality, love, and a sense of justice. Sandeep Sinhaania possesses a gentlemanly demeanor, a kind heart, and an approachable personality. Even after losing his memory, he retains a strong, determined, and unwavering desire for revenge.
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곡성 (2016)
In a remote mountain village in South Korea, although life is not affluent, there has been a long-lasting peace, and people seem unaware of approaching danger. Everything changed one evening when a sudden murder occurred in the village, shattering its tranquility. Chonggu, who serves as a police officer in the village, and his peers quickly rushed to the scene to investigate. He initially deduced it to be a heinous murder, but locals privately speculated that a Japanese man, who had mysteriously appeared in the village's outskirts, was the prime suspect. This Japanese man was suspected of practicing some form of sorcery, cursing people to death through supernatural means.
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寄生獣 (2014)
One night, numerous tiny organisms, ominously dubbed "parasites," drifted onto the sea surface. Their target was to parasitize the human brain, instigating people to turn against each other in a frenzy of violence.
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七人の侍 (1954)
During the Warring States period in Japan, in a desolate mountain village surrounded by poverty and treacherous waters, the villagers faced annual attacks by bandits during the harvest season. In that particular year, the villagers decided to hire seven samurai to defend their village and crops. The seven samurai were Kanbei, Kyuzo, Katsushiro, Gorobei, Shichiroji, Heihachi, and a peasant named Kikuchiyo who posed as a samurai.
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The Family Man电影
The Family Man (2000)
If parallel worlds existed in this world, what would it be like? Would you choose 'Ferrari' Jack or 'Tire Salesman' Jack? Would you desire a life of commanding the elements or the calm reality? Would you seek absolute power or a life surrounded by family? However, the only certainty is that you can only choose one, forever envying the other. This film tells the story of Jack Campbell, a Wall Street investment broker, whose solitary life is completely changed by an unexpected accident on a snowy Christmas Eve.
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तुम्बाड (2018)
In the early 20th century, there was a small village in India named Tumbbad. Vinayak lived on the outskirts of the village, recognized as the illegitimate son by the village chief, and he was obsessed with a mythical ancestral treasure. His great-grandmother was a witch cursed to sleep for a thousand years, and Vinayak believed that the secret of the treasure lay with her. After confronting his great-grandmother, Vinayak ultimately faces the malevolent fallen deity guarding the treasure.
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I Am Legend电影
I Am Legend (2007)
In 2012, humanity was ultimately brought down by a virus. Robert Neville (played by Will Smith), a former military virologist, survived as the only human in New York City due to his natural antibodies preventing infection. He even once believed he was the sole survivor of humanity worldwide.
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